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Research at TSMC

Putting ideas into practice

At TSMC, we are enablers who unleash innovations – innovations that lead to sustainable economic growth and a smarter society.

Anticipating the advances in semiconductor technology that we will deliver, what we can imagine today will be nothing compared to what will actually happen in the coming decades.

At TSMC, innovation means more than new ideas, it means putting ideas into practice.

Research Areas

The path for IC technology development going forward is no longer a straight line. The need for out-of-the-box solutions ushers in a golden age of innovation. In these pages, you will find some of the ideas that are in the research pipeline today. Future electronic systems require co-innovation of the computing architecture together with device and packaging technology.


Research is a global activity and also a human-intensive activity. Information exchange and collaboration are foundations of good research.


Innovation relies on the free flow of ideas, and ideas come from people – a global alliance of innovators, facilitated by an open innovation platform.